Lights, Camera, Jump!

On the 12th of December I lived a little dream. My dance teacher and friend Jenni Bregman invited me to a dance photography session a couple of local photographers were doing to experiment with jumping shots. Got the final results just before I left for holiday vacation. This one blows me away.

Binary Star

Binary Star by Matthew Kertesz

The concept was for the two dancers to be binary stars – orbiting each other with the tensed rope as the gravity between them. We had to work to get the rope both tense and level. I love astronomy so I had an affection for the whole idea right away. I’m so glad we lived up to the concept!

While it was ridiculous fun I was also surprised by how difficult the whole thing was, especially in group shots. Everyone has to be perfect and in the air at the same instant. I’ve also discovered that my timing seems to be off from everyone else’s. Oh well, more to practice!


One thought on “Lights, Camera, Jump!

  1. […] felt the same way in 2009 when I had my first dance photograph taken (by Matthew Kertesz). The feeling hasn’t diminished despite having done this before. I love doing this and love […]

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