Winding Hatred

…could so easily become winding love! After spending an entire episode of Lie to Me plus an extra 15 minutes undoing the knot at the end winding up my lovely Deep Plum yarn for my Daybreak shawl, I remembered that Noe Knit (miss you!) used to have complimentary winding service. They had a nifty umbrella-y thing that wound hanks into balls in minutes! Gee, I gotta get me one of those.

A few minutes later, I have a wishlist.

  1. Yarn Swift (aka brolly) from KnitPicks: $64.99 Seems like this is a decent price given the material and I could make do with just this to make winding a whole lot easier.
  2. Yarn Ball Winder from KnitPicks: $19.99 But it’s so affordable and cute! And then I just turn a leetle crank and it makes yarn for me! Ooh ooh and free shipping over $50 anyway!

Guess I gotta start saving. Too bad I didn’t think of this before Christmas! Or maybe I can put some leftover Christmas money to good use… (yes, I’ve already spent most of it on yarn and knitting-related items).

So ends my 3rd entry on January 3rd. Hoping I can keep up the pace!

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