Swing to one side, swing to the other

Yesterday was a crappy day for both knitting and dancing. I had my first dance class of the new year after two weeks without exercise (if you don’t count bike riding and walking, which yeah I know…but I kind of don’t. It’s dance all the way for me!). My brain had clearly been off during vacation. I couldn’t pick up the steps, couldn’t tell my left from my right, and ended up basically marking the whole class once I realized I was getting overwhelmed. Ugh ugh ugh. Luckily, drive-home car chat with Jenni pepped me up so I was looking forward to a better evening, forgave myself, figured I’d get it all back for Thursday class.

Then Casey and I watched the first episode of Caprica last night (pretty lame acting, but honestly not as bad as I expected. I’ll keep watching to see how the story keeps up the link to BSG) so I decided to cast on Daybreak. It, well, did not go well. I spent the whole evening puzzling over the set-up. And this is before the pattern gets to “set up row.” Trawled Ravelry forums…nothing on the cast on. Everybody got it or no one wrote up their notes.

Fast-forward to tonight. I’ve wrapped up my hectic workday, dropped the boy to the airport, and I get to go to Yarn Wranglers! Once Katrina showed me how to do the crazy project start, I was off and running. I’m on my second repeat of the solid section. Woo! I love starting new projects (almost as much as I love finishing them).

Here are my notes on the cast-on:

Turns out it’s 6 rows of garter stitch (which doesn’t make it any prettier with 2 sts per row)* and you pick up the garter ridge sts with your left needle as though you just hadn’t finished knitting yet and knit them as usual with the right needle, continuing around. Makes sense when you’re staring at it with someone else, but surprisingly confusing when just written down!
— From Wranglers forum post
*I had thought it was stockinette since the gauge is given in stockinette. Silly me. It says K 6 rows!

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