Daybreak progress & brand new camera!

I’m loving the way the Deep Plum is knitting up. It has the most amazing blends of chocolate, black, and deep purple. It’s very subtle, which I like. Definitely comes across as purple.

First photo of Daybreak progress

The Carmel Valley yarn looks completely different now that it’s wound in a ball. Really looking forward to getting to the striped section to see how these two behave with each other. I think it’ll be perfect.

Daybreak progress and project yarn

It's happy to see you

I took these two photos on my brand new Lumix camera by Panasonic (DMC-ZS3). It’s a 10.1 megapixel whopper with 12x zoom. Has a nice big 3 inch smart LCD screen on the back. No viewfinder, sadly. What won me over was how well the LCD screen responded to outdoor light (hence, smart) and how well photos came out in low light. I tend to want to take knitting photos in the evening and it’s impossible to get anything good. Same thing with get-togethers at our house. Would like to have photos of our friends and house! This camera’s going to make life a lot easier. It was also a great deal at Costco ($299, I think?) – Thanks for the belated Xmas present, Dad!!

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