Chugging along

No big progress to report, just chugging along with the shawl. I’ve increased to 145 stitches so there are 2 more repeats of the solid section to go before starting the stripes.

Considering winding up that new skein of Dream in Color just to get the sleeves of the FLS finished so I can block and wear the thing. For some reason, enjoying the shawl more right now. Also, sick of winding yarn by hand.

As for dance, I’m glad I’ve been able to keep at it regularly since the new year. Just have to set my mind on going every Monday and Thursday and I’ll be able to get away in time with enough nutrition in my system to make it through class. Feels really good to be putting my body through regular exercise. I love that feeling of being productively sore, though my back has been taking a beating with all the isolations we’ve been doing. Had no idea I had so many muscles in there!

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