Monkey Bars

This is one of those days where I really wish we had pictures or video from class because we did a very cool combination this week. I don’t know what the music was (Jenni! Post to your class blog!), but I described it to Alberto before class today as “quirky-sexy”.

It felt like a workshop because there were more elements than just doing steps together – we dragged three of the bars out onto the floor and lined them up facing the audience so we were all “behind the bars”. The beginning was choreographed around the bars so it felt very theatrical – we were all facing the mirror and could see how well synchronized we were – very much playing to the audience.

Top 3 Boys Season 5 SYTYCD

I still haven’t figured out a good way to notate choreography so I’ll never be able to write it down to remember it all, but there were some great moments. The shoulder roll and crossover of the left leg in a lean that looked precarious and challenging at the same time (reminded me a little of the shoulder roll walks in Sonya Tayeh’s piece for the Top 3 guys in Season 5 – the Oompa Loompa one pictured above). The head-first duck under the bars while holding them like a monkey. The slump back onto the bars in time to the music. Gah. Awesome.

Jenni, if you ever bring that one back, let’s do it as a workshop piece. It would be HOT.


One thought on “Monkey Bars

  1. jenni says:

    ha! i didn’t know you had this blog, and i didn’t know you commented on my new blog until today! i’m afraid that little project i have called House is making me lazy-roo on the class blogging. i’m updating playlists today, but without further ado: “fight sounds pt. 1” by circlesquare

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