Duplicate Stitch Join

Got fed up waiting for tapestry needles and looked for an alternate to the Russian join so I could continue working on my shawl. I found the duplicate stitch join (link opens video) from knittinghelp.com, which should work fine. I like how much simpler the slip knot is to work with when changing colors and it’s good to know how much easier weaving in the ends is going to be for every project once I do have tapestry needles. Can’t believe I’ve been weaving in ends with a crochet hook for this long. No wonder it’s always my least favorite part.

The stripes are still in the “interesting” category for me. I’m not in love with them because “Color B” (stripes color) has some of the same purple in it as “Color A” (solid color). So the stripes are a bit invisible in some sections. The effect is going t be very subtle, which could be, well, interesting. Reserving judgment for now. Also, the Carmel Valley colorway is very earthy – more so than I expected. Again, I’m reserving judgment. It could be glorious, but it’s just not what I expected.

Missed dance on both Monday and Thursday this week so my body feels totally lethargic. Not a good thing to just sit in a chair all week. I’m really looking forward to Monday night.

Also looking forward to heading back to Zip Zap tomorrow for a haircut with Jeni. Hopefully she’ll be able to spruce up my long hair. It’s getting boring (yet again).

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