As always, in my rush to finish a project I made a mistake. It’s 16 stripes of EACH color not 16 stripes total. Bah! Have to rip out nearly the whole border (was one repeat away from finishing) and get back to striping…

Too few stripes on the Daybreak shawl

I’m in that place where I just want to wear the darn thing and start on Lia’s snapdragon tam (hat).

Too few stripes on the Daybreak Shawl

Edited to add (10:20pm): After an utterly frustrating Sunday, I am back on track with this project. Dental floss does make a great lifeline, but man does putting a lifeline in late really suck! I think I spent two full hours just threading it in. Lesson learned.

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2 thoughts on “Rushing

  1. Emilee says:

    Ooh I love your color choice!

  2. eftsoons says:

    Thanks for finding and commenting, Emilee! I am in love with your bat shawl now (batty batty batty bat! I love bats).

    Handwerks’ yarn colors are amazing – you should check her out:

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