New bind-off

I’m trying a new bind-off and you know what that must mean – I’m finishing the Daybreak shawl! About a quarter of the way through – the rows get really long at the end. I cannot wait to wear it, but I doubt I’ll actually be done in time for brunch tomorrow unless I either don’t sleep or wear it with loose threads dangling. I wonder which it will be…

knit 2, put them back on the left needle and knit those two stitches together, (knit 1, put both stitches from the right needle back to the left left needle and knit them together.) Repeat the steps between ( )

Bind-off instructions courtesy of silvermim on Ravelry. I finished row 4 and then did the bind-off on a new row and that’s the way I’d do it again.

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One thought on “New bind-off

  1. […] finished Block 1 (10% of the project, I figured at the time) in 11 days. I used the bind-off I used on the Daybreak Shawl and began Block 2 (Dusty Blue) in early May. 5/4: I love the Dusty Blue. Knitting the blue block is […]

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