Real Simple Summery Dinner

To celebrate the warm weather I decided to try out some new recipes from Real Simple (the magazine I love so very much). So I went to Trader Joe’s and Market Hall to pick up makings for Gingery Pork and Cucumber Pitas (torn out of September 2009 issue and placed in Real Simple binder) and Cool Southwestern Salad with Corn and Avocado (from Real Simple’s Best Recipes Cookbook and August 2008 issue). Casey and I are both nuts about cucumber salads (used in the pitas) and the Southwestern salad is tailor made for my boy since it has both cumin and avocado in it (yum, his favorites).

Southwestern Salad with cumin & avocado

They both turned out fabulously. The only things we’d change for next time would be to add a little less lime (we used juice from a whole lime. It wasn’t bad, but it did overpower some of the other tastes) and a hotter pepper (the Jalapeno we got from Market Hall was beautiful – handpicked by a helper there – but a little too mild). Maybe a Serrano?

Topped the meal off with a bottle of 2002 Leonetti Cellar Sangiovese (Walla Walla, WA) from our landlord. Happy Sunny Sunday!

Real Simple Pork & Cucumber Pitas, Southwestern Salad

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One thought on “Real Simple Summery Dinner

  1. […] p.s. Casey and I made a delicious chickpea (garbanzo bean) dish the other day and I want to write it down to make sure we remember it and so others can try it and experiment with it. It’s super easy. Stir-fry canned chickpeas, diced garlic, a healthy dose of ground cumin, basil, and a little lemon. I’d consider adding next time: onions and a little cayenne pepper. Would love to have that with the ginger pork pitas we made in April. […]

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