May? June? Where’d the time go?

It’s not for lack of things happening that I haven’t written. I’ve been too busy and the knitting project I’m deep into is a secret one so there’s not much I can say about it.

Just a sample of the things that have happened in May and June:

  • SF Ballet’s Romeo & Juliet (for Mother’s Day)
  • First SF Ravelry Meet-up (a ton of fun and a very successful event)
  • Attempting to start the snapdragon mitts and failing miserably (will try again later)
  • Picked up and cast aside a new form of exercise
  • Vassar 5-year Reunion trip to New York with Casey
  • Finally using the yarn swift and ball winder (which I can’t get enough of now)

Some pictures to prove I’ve been busy! (more after the break)

Finished Yarn Wranglers Anemone Pin

Finished Yarn Wranglers Anemone Pin

KnitPicks Ball Winder Sheridan Yarn

Successful Ball Winding

I’ve been more active on Twitter than blog so thank goodness for the little Twitter feed on the sidebar. If you want more regular updates, feel free to follow me, @shawnaseth. You’ll note I cover similar topics there (knitting, dance, cooking), but that I also talk more about daily life and things that pertain to work. I’ve toyed with doing that on the blog as well, but haven’t decided anything for sure yet.

There’s some fun stuff coming up in my worlds of knitting and dance so I will try to pick up the pace on writing once again!

p.s. Casey and I made a delicious chickpea (garbanzo bean) dish the other day and I want to write it down to make sure we remember it and so others can try it and experiment with it. It’s super easy. Stir-fry canned chickpeas, diced garlic, a healthy dose of ground cumin, basil, and a little lemon. I’d consider adding next time: onions and a little cayenne pepper. Would love to have that with the ginger pork pitas we made in April.

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3 thoughts on “May? June? Where’d the time go?

  1. Paula us QuiteCurious says:

    Snapdragon mitts?! Not sure what that is but I like the sound of it.

  2. eftsoons says:

    Snapdragon mitts and tam are a gloves and hat set by Ysolda (a popular Scottish designer). I’m making them for my sister. See links in this post:

    I love the pattern, but it took too much focus to be a travel project. I just kept undoing it and having to start again.

  3. Those are cool! I like the mittens a lot.

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