I found my first one this week since reading the Slate article! It’s from Medicus (a novel of the Roman Empire) by Ruth Downie. Page 279:

He passed through the gates and made his way across the open area that supported the fort from the civilian buildings. At this time of night the town was little more than a huddle of angular shapes illuminated by the occasional glimmer of a torch. Somewhere among the buildings, a dog barked. [my emphasis] There was a faint sound of a baby crying. He heard the approach of voices and stepped sideways onto the road’s shoulder. Three men ambled past, too deep in a disagreement about horse racing to notice him. When they had gone, the street was empty. Ruso stepped back onto the paved surface and tried not to imagine what might be happening to a girl who was wandering the streets at this time of night.

Casey got the book from the library and since it wasn’t due back yet and he enjoyed it I decided to read it (on his recommendation). I enjoyed it. Took a bit to get into it, but the story pulls you in. Entertaining, but not amazing.

Somewhere a dog barked…

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