Winter Wonderland Yarn Wreath

I finished my holiday knit yesterday (Ysolda’s Peaks Island Hood pattern) and while I really want to start a new knitting project, I haven’t figured out the right one to start yet. And I think I need some help learning colorwork. So I figured it was a good time to use up some stash yarn (heads up: Lion Brand Babysoft Pompadour is the worst yarn I’ve ever knitted with) and make a yarn wreath! My friend Paula sent me a link to a tutorial of sorts last year and I’ve been meaning to make one ever since. I even went to Michael’s last year and wasn’t able to pick up the necessary items to make something. Even this year, I came home with two small wreath forms instead of the one big one I intended to buy (they were sold out), but I figure this way I get to make two – one seasonal and one more general one (I’m thinking blue/brown/cream argyle). My friend Kristin helped me pick out the perfect add-ons for the two concepts.

I call this one Winter Wonderland (aka I put a bird on it). Black and white. Classy, right?

Winter wonderland yarn wreath

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2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland Yarn Wreath

  1. Katie says:

    Pretty!! I need to find creative ways to use up all my yarn…

    Also, not sure if you intended the reference, but my mind went here when you said “put a bird on it”:

    Great to see you updating here! ❤

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