Photos from Context

this is a (costume) testthis is a (costume) testthis is a (costume) testcolor and linescostume idea
Photo shoot!Save the Date! March 21/22 8pmfirst rehearsalfirst rehearsalalbertomarco and sadie
gem suit tildamore costume ideasred tux chickred tux pants womensmore costume ideaswang tux remix
mens latin_tux_pantcumberbun pantsworking at the genius barEvery part of this process is my favoriteHot off the presses.

context, a set by *jenni. on Flickr.

Gathered and in most cases taken by Jenni. Thanks also to Teresa Brazen for taking photos during rehearsal and Seth Bregman for capturing closing night in still images!

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One thought on “Photos from Context

  1. eftsoons says:

    Hmm, this was a test post to try out Flickr’s ability to create WordPress posts. I don’t like that WordPress/Flickr automatically tweeted the entry creation for me…

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