Things I’ve learned about short hair (at 4 weeks)

I got my hair cut from super long to a pixie four weeks ago today. Here’s what I’ve learned so far (photos above from Home showing 2):

1. Pro: For the first week and a bit I thought I had to wash it every day to avoid looking like a matted sewer rat. Now I’ve learned that a little water and a little less styling wax than I use on clean hair works for a slightly less coifed bedhead-y look. At worst, I can jump in the shower just to get my hair wet again (no shampoo required) and restyle from there. Hooray for sleeping in!

2. Pro: As a side effect of the above, I haven’t touched a blowdryer since….two weeks ago?

3. Pro: The cheap wax I’ve had since college (called Hairgum) works better than the expensive stuff (by Davines) I splurged on. It makes my hair look shinier, smells less like I have hair product on, and is less stiff so running my fingers through my hair isn’t as tacky (though the other one really isn’t bad either). (looks clear when you scoop some out)

4. Pro: It is far less necessary than I imagined to have a second string wax to keep in my purse/backpack for touch-ups. I’m still keeping the spendy wax, though, because it’s nice to be able change things up.

5. Con: This is about how much I can change things up now. While I rarely have the urge to “style” my hair other than the usual, there’s really very little I’ve been able to do that makes it look any different from day to day. It has more of a mind of its own now so there are some days when I’ll find it parts in a new place (for the first week I was convinced I no longer had a part), but that’s about it. I’ve resorted to a few different headbands, but you have to commit to wearing those all day or have a weird line down the middle of your head when the accessory starts to hurt your head.

6. Pro: Not only do I not need a hairbrush anymore, I don’t need conditioner (at least not on a daily basis – I use it about 1-2 times per week now). Cheapest hairdo evar…

7. Pro: …except for the far-more regular cuts. It’s been four weeks today since the cut and while a few days ago I was whining in my head about how loooong it is already, I now think I can make it to 5 weeks pretty easily. It’s longer than it was, but I still don’t have any hair in my eyes and I’m not resorting to bobby pins. It’s still pretty darn short.

8. Pro: The days I feel I look a mess are far fewer and farther between. It’s so easy to make this look good. And because I can wash my hair every day in about 2 minutes, I don’t have that greasy hair feeling (the days when I would die if I didn’t put it up in a proper ponytail or clip).

9. Pro: On the days when I do feel I look a mess, I get compliments on my cute, edgy, sophisticated, short hair. Seriously, this has become a rule. I got blown about in the wind and rain this week, came in the door to school after hitting myself in the head with my own umbrella (stupid wind), and straight away got a compliment from a classmate (“your short hair just keeps getting cuter! It’s so edgy and [on and on]”). I can live with this.

10. Pro: I feel taller and more streamlined. It sounds weird, but I feel like the weight of my hair has not only been lifted, it’s removed bulk. I say it sounds weird because I had long straight hair. Stick straight sometimes. So it’s not like I was all frizzy and big haired before. But this goes back to that perma-updo thing. I used to wear my hair up to get that streamlined look to an outfit. I love wearing flowing, comfortable tops and sweaters so I’d balance that out with skinny bottoms and an updo. Now everything has that feel. The outfits I thought of as fairly bulky look less so. I feel smaller in general (I guess that’s where the pixie part comes in). I also feel my hair isn’t weighing my down in height. Attention is drawn to your face with a short cut, versus the length around your face. I think that’s what it is. Whatever it is, I like it.

11. Con: I haven’t been able to wear most of my hats anymore. 😦 My knitted beanies and slouchy hats make me look like I’m trying to hide a bad hair day or I have no hair at all. This will be a work in progress. Luckily, I do have one hat that looks awesome with this cut (the purple brimmed cap I picked up in Washington DC two Thanksgivings ago) so my head doesn’t freeze on the really cold mornings we have on occasion. Definitely a helper last week when I was so sick I didn’t want to do anything to my hair/ woke up 5 minutes before I had to leave the house. So sometimes hiding the hair is the plan.

12. Pro: I can wear several pairs of earrings I haven’t been able to wear because they got hidden in my long hair (may as well not have been wearing earrings that day). My favorite “new pair” so far: the dark wood (almost black) pair I got for free with another earring order from ValeriaMiscellanea’s Etsy shop. Mine have gold hooks. Related: Being able to wear necklaces that got caught in my long hair. Now my hair’s too short to reach the clasp, which also means you can see the interesting clasps on some of my necklaces that were obscured before.

13. Pro: Perhaps the best pro yet – this cut is perfect for dance. For years I’ve given hairdressers the same spiel of “I want a different look, but I need to be able to tie it up for dance…” and I don’t know what I was so worried about with having shorter hair. Yes, at chin-length or with face-framing layers you need bobby pins or a headband, but not so with this. Every now and then I’ll think, “I need to tie my hair back for class/rehearsal,” and then realize, silly, it’s already out of the way! And actually, at this slightly longer length, it may not look like much, but I can feel movement again. Won’t be making any big impressions with my headbanging, but *I* feel the movement. I did worry about having the bits around my face bother me by getting stuck on with sweat after a particularly heavy class, but that really hasn’t been the case (it doesn’t happen or if it does it’s not to the degree that it bothers me).

That’s a grand total of two cons so far. Not bad. I’m keeping this short cut for the foreseeable future. I love it so much!

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One thought on “Things I’ve learned about short hair (at 4 weeks)

  1. I spy a comment about me earrings! 🙂 How fun. Cute new hairdo!

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