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Honeymoon Packing List Part 1: Carry On

I’m notorious for being a weeks-long packer. I sit my suitcase out and start making lists and piles for a week at minimum before the trip (usually I’ve been doing it in my head for a lot longer so the listing goes faster). For the honeymoon trip we took in July – 3 weeks across Europe – I felt the pressure. I watched YouTube videos. I Pinterested hard. I think I nailed it. So here’s what I learned (so I don’t have to pack for 3 weeks over 3 weeks next time).

Our trip was taking us to 3 countries over 3 weeks and included hot humid weather, potentially cool rainy weather, lake swimming, long cobblestone street walks, casual outings, and a 3-day acupuncture conference. Varied much? Despite this, I was determined to not only pack light and do laundry along the way (something I’ve done with varying success on my last 2 two-week long international trips to Japan and China), but to pack smart. I’ve been wanting to try the capsule wardrobe thing and this seemed like a great test.

Carry On

Between the two of us, we stuffed everything into my red and black Baggallini Wide-Mouth Dr. Bagg. No purse, no backpack. This was our only bag once we each checked our suitcases. Packing light? Check!


Verdict: The bag was heavy when fully loaded and I worried the whole time about breaking the shoulder strap. But we carried it carefully and it worked. The sleeve that allowed it to slide over the suitcase handle was a lifesaver for getting around planes, trains, and town. Continue reading

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Back to Knitting

With the whirlwind of the show over (sniff sniff), my life is falling back into the balance it had before. I found that so much dancing was absolutely incredible for one part of my self, but it meant that I wasn’t knitting at all! That was fine for a while, but I’m glad in a way to be back to my little routine. I’ll look forward to the next show, of course, and perhaps be better prepared to make sure I take care of all the little corners of my self in the process.

But there is so much knitting stuff to talk about! This is the year of frogging or finishing unfinished objects for the Yarn Wranglers (the knitting group I belong to), and while I’m not sure I’ll be able to stick to that plan entirely, I’m doing ok so far. I finally (FINALLY) frogged the February Lady Sweater I had in progress that either needed to be restarted or killed. It’s dead. That yarn is all wound up in new balls and will probably be used for Ysolda’s Vine Yoke Cardigan. If I ever get up the nerve to knit a fitted sweater again. I’m considering attacking something more forgiving like Jared Flood’s Inversion. Yummy, cozy, Japanese-inspired drapeyness! Continue reading

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Results & Flowers

So the poll didn’t really work as I’d hoped. Either it wasn’t recording anyone else’s entries or I’m really the only one who voted (and that was a test). Ah well.

After sitting with the options for a while and considering the yarn I have (Dream in Color Classy), I’m going to frog the FLS and make Ysolda’s Vine Yoke Cardigan. It’s button-down all the way and looks the warmest. Plus I think the vines will look really nice in green. Not sure when I’ll pick this one up – might do some of the other small stuff in my queue first – but making a decision feels good.

Also finished my Anemone flower for the Yarn Wranglers group participation in the SF Ravelry Meet-up. It’s very pretty, if a bit bigger than I anticipated. Haven’t sewn on the pin backing or the Wranglers ribbon yet, but I’ll definitely be done by May 16. As for what I learned on this project, I made bobbles for the first time!

Finished Anemone Flower

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P.S. Present to Myself

I ordered the yarn swift and ball winder from Knitpicks today. Having just bought a ton of yarn and still with the task of winding all the yarn for Lia’s project (the tam and gloves), it seemed a good time. I definitely need the yarn swift and with free shipping achieved already the ball winder was only an extra $20. Plus, I was sick this week and made a concerted effort to recover quickly. I deserve a present, right?

I shouldn’t be this excited about a wooden umbrella, but I cannot wait to play with my new toy!